The Greylands eBook launch website is now closed

The Greylands eBook Launch site was live for approximately one month only, during July and the first half of August, 2012. It was created in celebration of the eLaunch of Isobelle Carmody's novel, Greylands.

Greylands from 1996, published by Penguin, and from 2012, published by Ford St

Greylands, old and new. Purchase Greylands in soft cover from Ford St Publishing from October 2012.

"[Greylands] was always one of my personal favourites among the books I have written… but it was out of print,"

-- said the author of the book, Isobelle Carmody --

"Books have always gone out of print and authors have always accepted they must, unless they rose into the heavens as classics. But [I realised that] in this brave new world of eBooks, there is no longer any need for any book to go out of print. Cyberspace is the library of the infinite."

The site was also host to the Great eBook Debate. The Great eBook Debate featured daily essays from luminaries of all aspects of the book world; authors, journalists, educators at all levels, overseas and indigenous authors and editors, large and independent publishers, illustrators and poets all offered to have their say, in essay form. This important and educational debate, plus all of the contributing comments that occurred during the debate, will be republished online in an archive on Isobelle's blog, TheSlipstream, in November, when her blog goes live.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the Greylands eBook launch and Great eBook Debate such a huge success.

Buy Greylands as an eBook

The Greylands eBook is available to purchase online from several online booksellers. Take your pick:

Greylands trailer

Isobelle decided to mark the eLaunch of Greylands with her first ever book trailer. Catch a glimpse of the greylands below, in the Greylands trailer by Peter Mounsey of Alchemetica.